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Best of RFT – the 190s

Posted by Don McLenaghen on May 21, 2013


This week a recasting our some of our best bits from episodes past:

– Eulogy for Aaron Swartz,
– Harris hypocrisy, and
– The Cost of Casinos.

Download the episode here!


Eulogy for Aaron Swartz

184472_542876089056707_1319108737_nDon give an impassioned and emotional eulogy to one of the promising progressive lights – Aaron Swartz, and how state bullying contributed to his suicide.

Find out more:

Aaron inspired
Aaron inspired

Harris hypocrisy

cbe0109cd-gun-sales-500A recent controversy yet again arisen over what WAS one of the leading figures of the atheist skeptical community. Sam Harris yet again shows that at least on some subjects, he is far more the dogmatist than the enlightened skeptic.

Find out more:

The Cost of Casinos

grin753lRecently the Surrey city council voted to NOT allow the expansion of gambling in the city by rejecting plan to build a new casino in the city. In the light of this controversy  Don explores the research into the pros and cons of legalized gambling in general and casinos in specific. As a twist, we compare our stances on  ‘harm reduction’ with regard to drug usage to the same principle with gambling addiction.

Find out more:



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