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RFT Ep 218 – Bench Clearing Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on July 9, 2013


This week:
– Pope Day in Canada,
– Irished Water
– Science of Saints
, and
– Does Hockey need Violence?

Download the episode here!


Pope Day in Canada

Bors_SaintifyingJohnPaulBill C-266 – An Act to establish Pope John Paul II Day in Canada. We discuss the reasons for the bill, the problems it raised for a secular state. We also cover the argument that Karol Józef Wojtyła (JP2’s real name) should be praised for his work in lifting Poland out of Communist dictatorship. We counter by pointing out the condemnation he deserved for his stance of Condoms & Aids, Child Sex abuse scandal and a whole host of other issues that tarnish this undeserving man.

Find out more:

Irished Water

Don talks about a proposal to test the effects of purposefully adding lithium to the drinking water in Ireland in an attempt to fight the growing epidemic of depression and suicides that has plagued that nation.

We take a look a number of studies that looked at geographic regions with higher natural lithium concentrations in drinking water and the effect this has on the subject population.

Find out more:

Science of Saints

385411-111217-new-leak-cartoonThe gold standard of science is replication of results. In a paper published in March titles “the dark sides of Mother Teresa” in the journal Studies in Religion, Larivée et al, found that the facts debunk the myth of Mother Teresa.

The confirms the results Christopher Hitchens came to in his book The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice.

We discuss what the monument says, its meaning the plan to unveil another 50 around the USA.

Find out more:

Does hockey need violence?

2335We discuss violence in hockey. Is there a need for the hockey fight? Could you get rid of hockey violence and do we want to?

Find out more:


Skeptical Highlights

Democracy and its Discontents

Philip Resnick, UBC Professor of Political Science, reflects on a range of contemporary issues – from the ascent of the 1%, to protest movements like Occupy Wall Street, the indignados, or the very recent ones in Turkey and Brazil.

Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Hewett Centre, Unitarian Church, that 49th and Oak


Second thoughts on the Senate

RFT host, Don, will be giving a talk on all things senatorial with discussion to follow

Join him at 1pm on Sat July the 20th

At the Tipper Restaurant 2066 Kingsway

With the rash of scandals and RCMP investigations into wrong doing, many Canadians are questioning the validity of the House of sober second thought, in official terms the Senate of Canada or more colourfully The Red Chamber.

I will be discussing the history of the Senate, its role in our government and how it compares to other senates around the world.

I will also discuss the current shenanigans at the Senate and ask the question – What can be done?

Look forward to seeing you there


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