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RFT Ep 219 – Not So Ancient Wisdom Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on July 16, 2013


This week:
– TRex is bad ass again ,
– The View anti-vax fail 
– Atheist types 
, and
– Not so ancient wisdom 

Download the episode here!


TRex is bad ass again

048-jurassic-witnessesNew evidence tries to settle the age old argument whether TRex was a bad ass predator or a hippy recycler (scavenger). Find out if this finally brings this debate to an end…or not.

Find out more:

The View anti-vax fail 

vaccines-are-not-toxic_crop_revTwo host of the popular afternoon talk show The View are retiring. In their infinitely(bad) wisdom, the producers of the show have decided to replace one of them with Jenny McCarthy…YES that Jenny McCarthy of anti-vax infamy.

WE discuss the problems that arise from having such an advocate for bad medicine, the likelihood of future deaths and how The View’s audience is the most vulnerable audience possible.

Ultimately, Don finds a sliver of hope that this may actually be a good thing for vaccination.

Find out more:

Atheist types

atheist-fundamentalistsA growing number of people self-identify as “no religious affiliation” but what does that mean? Research performed at the University of Tennessee has attempted to dig into this group.

Their research has divided the “atheist/agnostic” community into 6 types or groups. We discuss the merits and value of such delineation. Don also brings up the idea that there are not delineated/separate groups but that we all have, to varying degrees, these traits and that they help define out world view.

Find out more:

Not so ancient wisdom 

c536ddc5c3047939ec9714a126048bd2A great number of pseudoscience attempts to claim credibility by pointing to, or at least implying, an ancient lineage – Appeal to ancient wisdom.

So we see just how old practices like Tarot, Yoga, Satanism, Wicca, and Friday The 13th.

Find out more:


Quick Picks

If superpowers were real

 In this series, Joy Lin tackles six superpowers and reveals just how scientifically realistic they can be to us mere mortals. Covering Super speed, super strength, immortality, flying and the ability to become a giant.

Check it out!


A place where there are dozens of game based on really physics. Stop playing angry birds and start playing game that are actually education!

Check it out!

Periodic Table of Videos

Videos about every element in the periodic table. Find out interesting histories, watch fascinating experiments and learn more than just the weight about your favorite element. These are short bite sized videos.

Check it out!


Skeptical Highlights

Democracy and its Discontents

Philip Resnick, UBC Professor of Political Science, reflects on a range of contemporary issues – from the ascent of the 1%, to protest movements like Occupy Wall Street, the indignados, or the very recent ones in Turkey and Brazil.

Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Hewett Centre, Unitarian Church, that 49th and Oak


Second thoughts on the Senate

RFT host, Don, will be giving a talk on all things senatorial with discussion to follow

Join him at 1pm on Sat July the 20th

At the Tipper Restaurant 2066 Kingsway

With the rash of scandals and RCMP investigations into wrong doing, many Canadians are questioning the validity of the House of sober second thought, in official terms the Senate of Canada or more colourfully The Red Chamber.

I will be discussing the history of the Senate, its role in our government and how it compares to other senates around the world.

I will also discuss the current shenanigans at the Senate and ask the question – What can be done?

Look forward to seeing you there


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