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Best of RFT – the 210s

Posted by Don McLenaghen on August 6, 2013

Hanging technology

This week a recasting our some of our best bits from episodes past:

  • Ant-GMO fallacies,
  • Faith in Science,
  • Irished Water
  • The Good of Big Data

Download the episode here!

Ant-GMO fallacies

teosinteIn the light of recent protest, we look at some of claims of the anti-GMO movement and some better reasons to hate Monsanto. Find out more:

Faith in science

vetenskap_vs_tro_vykort-re14a53ee849740d4b445e7b307529e3a_vgbaq_8byvr_512Religious people have often lament about us Atheists…that without a belief in god, we are somehow diminished. One area that religious faith seems to have no secular equivalent is in times of stress or in confronting our mortality, we have no source of comfort. Some have suggested that, in the absence of religious belief, secular beliefs such as Humanism and various political ideologies can replace religion as a source of comfort and meaning. images (2)

New research shows that non-believes show greater faith in science under stress or existential anxiety. That belief in the value of science as an institution and in its superiority as a source of knowledge can offer reassurance to secular individuals in threatening contexts.

Find out more:

Irished Water

i-ac25dbfdf1f593ea6bd09b5f8d5c176f-a9 manic depressive cartoonDon talks about a proposal to test the effects of purposefully adding lithium to the drinking water in Ireland in an attempt to fight the growing epidemic of depression and suicides that has plagued that nation.
We take a look a number of studies that looked at geographic regions with higher natural lithium concentrations in drinking water and the effect this has on the subject population.

Find out more:

The Good side of Big Data

Big Data is BIG and its growing and becoming an ever more important part of our every day life. In the first part of a 2 part series on Big Data, we look at the good Big Data has brought to the world.

the internet over an average 24 hours in 2012—higher usage in yellows and reds; lower in greens and blues

Find out more:

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