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RFT Ep 228 – Debating Islam Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on October 8, 2013


This Week:

3130 Don’s Rant about how political micro-targeting has turned citizens into a commodity to be bought like we would chips. Politicians are not longer listening to the electorate about what government should be/do but instead are marketing their parties like you would a car. It’s not a broad political vision but local pandering. It’s telling people to BUY Harper brand (for example) and not ‘we hear you and will do you bidding’. friedcar15co1

Find out more:


How to debate a Muslim and not be a racist. We live in culture that has equate Islam with terrorism…a religious faith with a racist identity. This has happened because popular media promotes this view.

We provided a primer on the origins of Islam, its beliefs, it’s sects and the rise of the Islamic Empire.

We also follow the major arguments for faith and debunk them.


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Download the episode here! 

Next week, a recasting of the LOST episode 225 – Economic Science Edition, with host emeritus Daniel Gipps.!


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