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RFT Ep 232 – The Poppy Wars Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on November 12, 2013

Download the episode here! 


Rob Ford has been big in the news, but when should private lives be left private for public figures?

dewar cartoon nov 10 2013 col.jpg

Every Remembrance Day a battle occurs between the Red and the White poppy. Where did they come from, why are they both important and how to understand those who refuse to wear a red poppy.

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We take a look at they hypocrisy of the Harper government attitude towards veterans. They are quick to exploit them for political points but when a vet needs help, there actively.

cartoon feb 23 2012 facebook

The role of bullying in professional sports. When Jonathan Martin exposed bullying in football, other players blamed and condemned the victim.


The USA looses voting rights at UNESCO after 2 years of not paying its dues because UNESCO has the audacity to ignore Israel demands and accepted Palestine as a state member. UNESCO lose 1/4 of its funding in this petty move by the USA.

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Also an classic interview with Tony Sabrato on the conspiratory mind.


And we end the show with a few classics from Symphony of Science.


2 Responses to “RFT Ep 232 – The Poppy Wars Edition”

  1. ebrandonx said

    I am a consistent listener to your podcast and usually agree or if not agree can garner some insight as to how you may have arrived at your conclusions. Having said that I wish to make an observation that what a person does in their private life/time bears no relevancy to their public life/ obligations. I can’t see how that could be. I believe that there is bias even in those who profess without exception to be unbiased (that in its self proves bias). I would state categorically there is no such thing as an unbiased point of view. Having said that, then how can we differentiate our private psyche from our public one? My moral character is my moral character whether I be in private or public circumstance. I may choose to blur my true self (as I also believe I am my true self in private) when in the public arena, but I am still the same person. Where is the guarantee, in fact, there is no guarantee that what I do in my private life will not leech into my public life. So I believe there can be no distinction. Which is why I will always, always take into consideration ones private life when evaluating their public performance. Can a leopard change its spots in some cases we can be led to believe it is so, doesn’t however make it so.
    Love the new format on the show!

    • I think one of the “bright spots” for Rob Ford…or any politician who’s private life is not vetted for public conception..well, Canada may not exist if not for the efforts of the some-times functional drunk John A McDonald..

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