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RFT Ep 234 – Doctor Who Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on December 3, 2013

Download the episode here! 


On the occasion of the resent 50th anniversary of the globes longest-running science fiction television show, host emeritus Ethan Clow returns to discuss the history of the Doctor and the philosophical question it raises. Such as:

  • CyberMen – as we replace biological parts with quote better mechanical one’s, at one point do we stop being human?
  • Dalek – the logic of being a xenophobe
  • The Master – Confronting our dark side and the role ‘fate’ has on our lives
  • The Ood – collective consciousness and the ethics of servatude
  • The Weeping  Angels and the silence – The observer principle: when quantum mechanic meets classic evil
  • The Sontarans – Cloning with honour
  • The Silurians – the Ultimate what if?
  • The Doctor – the pacifist
  • The Doctor – ultimate good Samaritan
  • The Doctor – The destroyer of worlds


Find out more:

Next week: Irregular Regular Randolph Richardson returns.


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