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RFT Ep 250 – Landmark 250th Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on April 24, 2014

Download the episode here! 


Whine of the Week  : Senate push back


The senate has reviewed the Fair Election Acts and has recommended some changes. When I first read the headlines about this, I thought finally some sanity. They were “Senate pushes back on Fair Elections Act”, “Senators seek major changes to election bill”, etc. However, when I read into it, it was pretty much weak tea. That said, there were some improvements. So, we go over the changes and how they fail to deal with the fundamental problems of the act.

There was another stink that arose from the Senate Committee and that was Senator Linda Frum…who actually said that greater voter turn-out was a conflict of interest for Elections Canada…What the feck!? We discuss and debunk what she said.


Take Action – Stand up for Canadian democracy

Further Reading:

Landmark 250th


In commemoration of our landmark episode we have visits from from past hosts Chloe, Daniel and Rob as well as a letter from Jenna.

Radio Free Thinker would like to thank you our values listeners and dare i say fans for all your support over the years.

And allow me to thank Elan, Ethan, Rob, Daniel, Jenna, Chloe and everyone else who has help me make this show the success it has become. Thanks you!

Back to the Beginning

As a special treat, we rebroadcast our very first episode of Radio Free Thinker first aired March 24th, 2009. How time has flown.



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