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Whats the Harm…

Posted by thinedgedev on March 12, 2016

This is a response to a listener who wanted my opinion on this store I shared on Facebook

Alberta toddler died from meningitis because he was taken to a naturopath instead of a doctor

There are several issues at hand here…first, our current government allows people to claim to be medical practitioners with out actually employing any medicine. And that is the first crime here…when the family FINALLY took their child to a doctor…they chose a not-doctor.

Now, some are going to say the naturopathy is healthcare…it is not! Okay…most of it is not…because if a collection of bs and mumbo-jumbo, a very small part may actually serve some good…the personal interactions help enhance the placebo effect…offering supplements on top of regular medical care, might be waste of money but likely again enhance the placebo effect.

I could spend hours about naturopaths, but when the child was take to this not-doctor and that person did not immediately call for an ambulance…remember according to the report even a nurse could see the real problem…and just gave the child more snake oil…well, that person acted criminally.

Okay…lets assume you agree with me on that…and yes, a big ask of some of you sadly…but that still leaves the other problem about should the parents be charged? In and of itself, probably not…especially because of the outcome…justice if deserved or not was reeked upon these two.

However, there are some special circumstance that want me to see these people charged and found guilty. We live in a world were people this miracle cures exist…the story related to Truehope…shows that in many ways, there were, in unrelated areas, a willful intent to mislead…these parents were not unfamiliar with the scientifically questionable nature of naturopathic products.

Secondly, people often say…”well, even it does really work, what is the harm”…well this is that harm. The prosecution of these parents will hopefully be a wake up call to everyone that ignoring reliable heath care has consequence…if this sways the mind of some other parent or any ill individual to so see a real doctor it WILL save lives. I can also guarantee that if it dissuades any number of people for see a naturopath…well, nothing will be lost.  And most ethical naturopaths, will say in a defensive manner that you can do both…so long as the naturopath does not actively thwart the doctor’s treatment.

So, to recap…the naturopath they visited is at best guilty of malpractice and at worst accessory to the child’s death. The companies that market this snake oil should be shut down…and last the parents in this particular case should be convicted of negligence…especially considering this child was very sick for weeks.

But there is a greyer area…when should you go to a doctor for care. I can agree that it is uncomfortable to charge a parent because they confused a flu with something worse…if you don’t go in 24hr, is that a crime…what about a week?

And parents are people too…they don’t have medical degrees…what might seem like something mild or just something kids go thru…was actually life threating…

On this matter I don’t have a simple answer…and each case should be decided on by their merits…with the benefit of the doubt going to the parents. Sadly in this case, they acted in such a way that I think criminal.


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