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Archive shows:

RFT – Ep 351 – The No Man Sky Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom :

RFT – Ep 349 – The Turkish Coup Edition

This week the failed Turkish Coup…the history of democracy and coups in Turkey, the conspiracy theories around this coup attempt and the future of democracy in Turkey.

RFT – Ep 349 – The TV Philosophy Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom :

RFT – Ep 348 – The Ameripox Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom :

RFT – Ep 347 – The Flash Back Doping Edition

This Week some recasts:

The Purple-Pee Olympics

Lance Armstrong and professional doping.

And some Web Wisdom from the Last Week Tonight:

RFT – Ep 346 – The Post BrExit Edition

This Week’s :

We examine the fallout of the BrExit win in the UK…what happened, what happens next and what are the possible out comes of the UK leaving the EU.

BrExit Models

And some Web Wisdom from the Real News Network:

RFT – Ep 345 – The Pride 2016 Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom :

RFT – Ep 344 – The Super Task Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom :

RFT – Ep 343 – The Electric BrExit Edition

This Week:

  • BrExit and the absence of leadership – Prairie Corrispondent
  • Electricity, what is it?

And some web wisdom from SciShow –

RFT – Ep 342 – The Mighty Ant Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom:

RFT – Ep 341 – The Human Origins Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom:

RFT – Ep 340 – The Orlando Solidarity Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom:

RFT – Ep 339 -The BrExit Edition

This Week:

  • We look at the UK choice to stay or leave the EU.

RFT – Ep 338 – Click Bait Headlines Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom:

RFT – Ep 337 – Apollo Hoax Edition

This week:

  • Something new – de-Conspiracy Theory…we start with a look at the motivations, evidence and validity of the claim that the moon landing was faked.
    we also have some web wisdom about why we procrastinate…

Also, a new virtual co-host…Hal, the AI

RFT – Ep 336 – Return of the Humanist Edition

This week:

  • Interview with BC Humanist Association’s Executive Director, Ian Bushfield…
    • What is Humanism?
    • Why a secular society if important?
    • What campaigns are they perusing?
  • The surprising reason you feel awful when you’re sick from TED-Ed, and
  • IF – from  VSause

RFT – Ep 335 – The Relativistic Gravity Edition

This week:

  • Where is outer space…
  • Laser powered space ships…
  • LIGO and gravitational waves…
  • Black hole twins…
  • Political correctness and music from our prairie correspondent…
  • Who invented the internet from Today I Found Out, and
  • Who owns the moon from VSause

RFT – Ep 334 – The Atheist Comedy Stand Up Edition

This week a cavalcade of web humor as we fill our plates with Atheist stand up comedy:

RFT – Ep 333 – The Brazilian Coup Edition

This week’s :

  • The Brussels terrorist attack…integration vs surveillance.
  • Brazil’s political unrest and the possibilities of a coup-d’etat, and
  • When is it valid to overthrow a democratic government?

RFT – Ep 332 – The Lost Voice Edition

This week’s web wisdom:

RFT – Ep 331 – The Self Driving Car Crash Edition

Again, this on this show, we are joined by Matt

This week:

  • AI and what you need to know
  • Metiorite murders
  • Twins and space, and
  • Fukushima 5 years later

RFT – Ep 330 – The Mussolini Trump Edition

This week a collection of web wisdom

This week:


RFT – Ep 329 – The Fundrive 2016 Edition

We are joined by Matt as we rap out some of the latest stories while asking our loyal listeners to donate at

This week:

  • Super Tuesday
  • Syria, Iraq and boots on the ground, and
  • Pseudo-legalization of pot

RFT – Ep 328 – The Black History Month Edition

Joining me this week our irregular regular, Guled, our thoughtful criminologist to be, Nicholas, our resident electrical engineer and also returning, Matt, a person with a point of view…

This Week:

  • A special segment were Guled explains the origin and purpose of Black History month
  • Gun violence and the ammo-sexual, a full group discussion, and
  • The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you – Anthony Hazard

RFT – Ep 327 – The Dyson Sphere Edition

Joining me this week our irregular regular, Guled, our thoughtful criminologist to be, Nicholas, our resident electrical engineer and also returning, Matt, a person with a point of view…

This Week:

  • Have we found a Dyson Sphere?
  • Running water on Mars,
  • Planet 9 from stellar space and
  • Gravitational wave revolution.

RFT – Ep 326 – The Trumped Edition

Joining me this week our irregular regular, Guled, our thoughtful criminologist to be, Nicholas, our resident electrical engineer and also returning, Matt, a person with a point of view…

This Week:

  • The Paris Climate Change Agreement, and
  • Trumped – the Rise of Donald Trump, politician.

Joining me this week our irregular regular, Guled, our thoughtful criminologist to be, Nicholas, our resident electrical engineer and also returning, Matt, a person with a point of view…

This Week:

  • Indigenous Women and the Black Lives Matter movement,
  • Syrian Refugees,
  • Militarization of the police,
  • UBC president resignation,
  • The free fall of oil, and
  • China’s one child policy.

RFT – Ep 324 – The Top Stories of 2015 – Host Edition

Joining me this week our irregular regular, Guled, our thoughtful criminologist to be, Nicholas, our resident electrical engineer and also returning, Matt, a person with a point of view…

This Week:

– ISIS and Terrorism, and

 – Federal Election 2015, the failed Coup.


RFT – Ep 323 – The 2015 Science Year in Review – Guest Edition

Joining me this week our irregular regular, Guled, our thoughtful criminologist to be and introducing Nicholas, our resident electrical engineer…

This Week:

  • Space X success…finally
  • 3 Person Babies?
  • Man-made Earthquakes,
  • Climate Change,
  • VR becomes reality…again,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Back to the Future is now and
  • Year of the Drone

RFT – Ep 322 – The 2015 Science Year in Review – Host Edition

Joining me this week our irregular regular, Guled and introducing Nicholas, our resident electrical engineer…

This Week:

  • Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers Deaths
  • Probing Pluto and Ceres
  • The Crisper-Cas9 Revolution
  • Another branch on the Human Tree and
  • Self-Driving Cars of death?

Ep 321 – The Abundance Paradox  Edition

This Week’s Webs Wisdom:

RFT – Ep 320 – The Buyer Beware Edition

This Week:

  • The psychology of shopping
  • The Compromise effect
  • The Reality of Boxing Day
  • When less cost more and
  • A lot more on tricks retailers use to get your money.

Plus bonus music:

  • A New Theory of Everything by Scientific Songs of Praise
  • Beyond The Horizon by Symphony of Science

RFT – Recast – Santa VS Jesus Remix

This Week:

  • Why Christmas is better for non-believer than believers,A flash back with Christmas reality check,
  • Humanism and Christmas, and
  • A cavalcade of Christmas music from Scientific Songs of Praise
    • Oh Chemistry
    • Single Cells
    • Solar Light
    • Tectonic Plates
    • Oh Satellite

Ep 319 – The Zipf Law Edition

This Week’s Webs Wisdom:

Ep 318 – The Paris Backlash Edition

This Week:

  • A recast – Is Islam the most violent religion ever? and
  • Out Muslim Correspondent, Guled, talks about the backlash to the Paris attacks.

<Clips from AJ+>

Ep 317 – The We are all Parisian Edition

This Week:

  • A tragedy in Paris
  • Nuclear Radiation
  • Cryptic Corner – Chupacabra, and
  • The Ig Nobel prizes

Ep 316 – The Bayesian Edition

This Week’s Webs Wisdom:

Ep 315 – The Juvenoia Edition

This Week’s Webs Wisdom:

Ep 314 – The 2015 Nobel Prize Edition

This Week’s:

  • A review of the 2015 Nobel Prize winners,
  • Cryptid Corner – Lock Ness Monster, and
  • Radiation – what is it and how does it work?

Ep 313 – The Pre-Election 2015 Edition

This Week’s:

  • Niqab political high jacking,
  • Strategic voting,
  • Talking point to motivate the vote and why this election matter

Ep 312 – The BigFoot Edition

This Week’s:

  • Cryptid Corner – Bigfoot, and
  • What i learned With Guled – Black Lives Matter

Ep 311 – The Margnets for Dummies Edition

This Week’s:

  • What i learned – The Syrian refugees and Europe
  • A Sense of Science – Magnets and perpetual motion, 
  • Cryptid Corner – What is a cryptid and are there Kraken?, and
  • Web Wisdom – Terror of Change

Ep 310 – The Voter Cumpass Edition

This Week’s:

  • What is voter compass
  • What election issues are important to me and why
  • What party most reflects my views
  • Who am I really going to vote for, and
  • Permanence, our greatest delusion

Ep 309 – The Alan Kurdi Edition

This Week’s:

  • Alan Kurdi, Syrian Refugees and the awakening
  • Why does ice float
  • Why Does Beer Make You Pee
  • Does Alcohol Really Keep You Warm
  • Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells
  • Do Fish Drink Water
  • Why Isn’t -Zero G- the Same as -Zero Gravity
  • Why does Saturn have rings
  • Why do we have seasons
  • Why Do Stars Twinkle
  • Why Do Leaves Change Color and Fall
  • Why Does Your Breath Stink in the Morning
  • Why Do People Go Bald
  • Why Do Birds Have White And Dark Meat (And Do We)
  • What are Blood Types
  • Do Plants Get Cancer
  • Why Is Only Half of My Nose Working
  • Why Do Things Look Darker When They’re Wet
  • Why Do Things Fade in the Sun
  • Why Do Atoms Bond
  • How Many Colors Can We See, and
  • How Do Rainbows Form

Source: Sci Show – Quick Questions

Ep 308 – The Degrowing Capitalism Edition

This Week’s:

  • What If Money Was No Object? – Alan Watts
  • The history of the promotion and criticism of capitalism Part 1 – Economic Update
  • How we would look to an alien studying us – David Suzuki
  • The history of the promotion and criticism of capitalism Part 2 – Economic Update
  • Examining the real concept of prosperity – The guardian
  • Some of the tenets of degrowth – Josh Farley , and
  • We Stopped Dreaming – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ep 307 – The Transgender Edition

This Week:

Ep 306 – The Black Lives Matter Edition

This Week:

  • Why #BlackLivesMatter – The Good Fight
  • Black? It’s More Dangerous Driving Now Than 12 Years Ago – The Young Turks
  • Why Are Black Preschoolers Being Suspended Far More Than Their White Classmates?  – The Young Turks
  • Racist Ferguson Police Department Financially Motivated Against Blacks – The Young Turks
  • The economics of systemic racism – Disorderly Conduct, and
  • An Overreaction: Words On #BlackLivesMatter And MLK – Sarah O’Neal

Source: Best Of the Left

Ep 305 – The Dropping the Writs Edition

This Week’s:

  • Harper’s ISIS ad…is it criminal?
  • The Writs are dropped…what happens and why so early?
  • Veterans sacrificed to balance the budget
  • NDP muzzle their own…a bad turn, and
  • The history of the idea of work

Ep 304 – The Complete Fallacy Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom:

  • Fallacies found on the internet
  • 3 laws of online debating
  • 10 famous literary lines we get wrong
  • 10 interesting facts you likely didn’t know

Ep 303 – The Left Handed Edition

This Week’s Web Wisdom:

  • Misconceptions from TV
  • 9 things that expire
  • who invented the internet
  • Left hand paradox
  • Left-Brained or Right-Brained
  • 5 weird involuntary behaviors
  • Science of Anti-Vax
  • Your Cell Phone Won’t Give You Cancer
  • Subatomic knowledge
  • Fundamental forces

Ep 302 – The Rise of the Machines Edition

This Week a special in depth look at AI, consciousness and the future of machine intelligence

Ep 301 – The TED Ed Edition

This Week:

  • How to make a mummy – Len Bloch
  • The language of lying – Noah Zandan
  • The famously difficult green-eyed logic puzzle – Alex Gendler
  • How big is infinity- – Dennis Wildfogel
  • The Infinite Hotel Paradox – Jeff Dekofsky
  • Just how small is an atom- – Jonathan Bergmann
  • What is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle- – Chad Orzel
  • How fast are you moving right now- – Tucker Hiatt
  • Is there a center of the universe- – Marjee Chmiel and Trevor Owens
  • Calculating the odds of intelligent alien life – Jill Tarter, and
  • Why can’t we see evidence of alien life- – Chris Anderson

Ep 300 – The Magna Carta Edition

This Week:

  • Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary
  • The impact of the Magna Carta
  • The difference between common law and civil law, and
  • Privacy is dead, now what?

Ep 299 – The Josh Asked Edition

This Week:

  • Do aliens exist?
  • What are the criteria for life
  • What are correlates for life
  • What’s so special about carbon and water
  • Snowball Earth
  • How do we detect exoplanets and their types
  • What is intelligent aliens life
  • The Fermi Paradox
  • Life in our solar system (Europe, etc)
  • Risks of Aliens
  • Our first message to aliens, Nazies

Ep 298 – The Enright Edition

This Week:

  • Money in Politics
  • An unbalance society and
  • The United States of ALEC

Ep 297 – The Debate Debacle Edition

This Week:

  • Election Debate Debacle
  • Prairie Correspondent on Taxes
  • Canada Post Bank redux, and
  • A collection of Rick’s rants

Ep 296 – The Wheat Board Rip-Off Edition

This Week:

  • CWB giveaway
  • History of Humans
  • Economic Revolutions
  • Secret of Happiness at Work
  • Gervais and the Bible

Ep 295 – The 1% Election Solution Edition

This Week:

  • CSIS new powers little oversight
  • Polls as propaganda
  • The 1% electoral strategy
  • The politics of fear – taking a page from Israel’s playbook
  • Foreign policy – profits over principles and
  • At Issue gives us their 2 cents worth about the politics of fear

Ep 294 – A Nuclear Powered Web Wisdom Edition

This Week:

Ep 293 – The Election Budget Edition

This Week:

  • Election Budget 2015…all the slight of hind needed to win an election
  • Our prairie correspondent on the value of a Harper’s promises
  • Why you should not tip
  • The threat to democracy electronic voting represents and
  • Class and why it matters…
  • with a post-show treated, tommy Douglas and Mouse land.

Ep 292 – The Nuclear Iran Edition

This Week:

  • Prairie Correspondent’s take on the Duffy Trial.
  • Iran Nuclear Deal – what you need to know
  • The future of food.
  • The Science of Overpopulation
  • Will we run out of names?

Ep 291b – The Nuclear Battery Edition
This week:

  • The Nuclear Battery crisis
  • Yuri’s night
  • 33 years of the space shuttle
  • Space exploration…one step backwards
  • Twins and space
  • Brontosaurus restored
  • The birth of mosasaurs
  • Tyrannosaur on the dinner menu, and
  • The Sunk Cost Fallacy…and how it can ruin your life.

Ep 291a – The Politics of Fear Edition
<Dues to technical issues, this show was not broadcast>

This week:

  • We take a look at proposed changes to Harper’s Anti-terror bill
  • How to rig a poll
  • Bibi’s, Harpers and the politics of fear
  • Harper’s War in Syria, and
  • The Sunk Cost Fallacy…and how it can ruin your life.

Ep 290 – The 50 Shades of Fear Edition

This week:

  • We take a look at Anti-terror bill – be afraid…very afraid but not for the reason you might think.
  • The Translink referendum – Facts and fiction…what you should know before you vote.
  • And sleep…What is it? Why do we need it? And what you think you know is likely wrong…

This week:

  • How dangerous can a chemical be?
  • Just how much money is there in the world?
  • The Lottery, your government and the big scam…
  • And what countries are winners and which are losers, listen and find out…

Ep 288 – The Don’t Trust Your Edition

This week we take a look at end-of-life assistance and a look at memory…what it is, how it fails us and how it’s used to put innocent people in jail and we close with a talk about the surprising drop in violence over time.

Ep 287 – Fundrive 2015 Edition

This week we have a mush up of Radio Free Thinker and The Sector as we ask you to give and keep CiTR and more importantly Radio Free Thinker on the air…oh, yes and I guess The Sector too…

Ep 286 – The Private Members Edition

This week we take a look at bad science on parliament hill, Private members bills and how they are abused and as part of our Never Forget series a recast of the unfair elections act…..

Ep 285 – Anti-Anti-Vax Web Attack Edition

This week i share one of favorite pod cast Best of the Left and there resent show about the reaction to the Disney Measles Epidemic…the Best of the Left is, like my web wisdom shows, a compilation of the best from online media, this show takes bits from:

  • Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism : Healthcare Triage #12
  • On the Anti-Vax Non-troversy : onthemedia
  • Anti-vaxxer Californians start a new measles outbreak at Disneyland : TWiB nation
  • Myth: Vaccine Deniers Are All Hippie Liberals : david pakman show
  • Vaccines: How to Avoid Killing and Maiming Children : Mark Fiore’s Animation
  • Fighting the Anti-Vaxxer Movement with Voices4Vaccines
  • Vaccines are for the Public Good : Thom_Hartmann

And a bonus…

  • Measles Parties Are Not A Thing! – DNews
  • Just Surf the Net – melodysheep (AKA Symphony of Science)

Ep 284 – Sins of the Harper Edition

This week things to remember in the lead up to the 2015 Election:

  • Defunding Veterans affairs
  • Lack of support for Vets
  • Stealth cuts via unspent budgets
  • Victimizing Criminals
  • Destabilizing Victim support funding
  • Harper’s Enemies list
  • Attack on the AG, PBO and Chief Justice
  • Destroy political independence arms length agencies
  • War on Sex workers
  • Disdain for Social Science/Indigenous Issues
  • In-and-Out Scandal
  • Robo-call scandal
  • Senate Scandal
  • The Duffy Affair
  • Contempt of Parliament
  • Defunding Food Safety
  • Radical cuts to government departments
  • Un-Fair elections act

and so much more.

Ep 283 – A Web Wisdom Edition

This week…Health Triage and the cold, sleep, and flu shots, SciShow Space and how olds is life, planetary alignment and the future of the sun and earth, TestTube and For-Profit Prisons, Mandatory vaccination, defining terrorism the difference between Sunnis and Shiites and what is a coup d’état, and lastly It’s okay to be smart with there is no cold, déjà vu, and why clouds don’t fall…and a special rant by Rick Mercer on the budget

Ep 282 – 2015 Election Prerequisite Edition

This week things to remember in the lead up to the 2015 Election:

  • CRA shakedowns of Charities,
  • Treatment of Veterans,
  • Over paying for Arctic Patrol ships,
  • Over paying for fighter jets,
  • Militarization of Canada’s image,
    Advertising on phantom or terminated programs,
  • Temporary Foreign Workers Program,
  • Muzzling of scientists,
  • Defunding of science,
  • Gutting Library and Archives of Canada,
  • Closing 7 ot 8 DFO research libraries,
  • Radical reduction environmental protection,
  • Billions of subsidies for Big Oil,
  • Bad treaties with China and the TPP,
  • Pandas…enough said,
  • Killing the Canadian Wheat Board,
  • Trying to kill off the CBC and Canada Post,
  • Abolishing the mandatory long form census,
  • Hypocrisy of reducing the debt,
  • Failing budget forecasting

and so much more, a follow is planned in 2 weeks

Ep 281 – Charlie Hebdo Edition

This week Free speech in France, converting climate change denialists, Stephen Fry on the importance of disbelief, Mouseland and election 2015 and in honour of Martin Luther King Jr Day, a broadcast of the famous “I have a dream speech.”

Ep 280 – What Happened 2014 Edition

This episode we take a retrospective and the biggest events, stories and the like for 2014….

Curiosity makes several landmarks…Opportunity, Cassini, Rossetta, Voyager, MAVAN…

We also had Ebola, ISIS, Crimea, and Gaza

Let’s not forget GamerGate, Ray Rice, Dalhousie Denstry…and much more…

Best of RFT in 2014

This week encore segments :

  • FreeTrade…now and then…and be afraid of the TPP
  • Sharkumantary…the declining state of science documentaries
  • The Iraq Dilemma and Globalized Ethics.

Best of the 270s

This week classic RFT :

  • Is Islam the most violent religion…now or ever?
  • How we made Iraq…a history of the failed state.

Ep 279 – Jesus VS Santa Edition

This week why Christmas is better for non-believer than believers, a flash back with Christmas reality check, Humanism and Christmas, and we end the show with a cavalcade of Christmas music.

Ep 278 – Totally Torture Edition

This week a whine about torture, police and why I have no plans go to the USA, and web wisdom about torture and the militarization of the police… Also, everything you need to know about torture and militarization of the police:

  • Torture And Its Uncontrollable Consequences – CBC ideas
  • Being A Little Late On The Moral Issues – Jimmy Dore Show
  • The rise of police militarization – dc common sense

Ep 277 – Let’s Go GMO Edition

This week a whine about the threat of AI to the future of humanity… Also, everything you need to know about GMO

  • We cover the basics of genetics…
  • How we have manipulated the genome of plants and animals for countless millenniums…
  • How are GMO type foods evaluated…
  • How anti-GMO is often the same as climate change denialism…
  • Where most anti-GMO-ers get the science wrong…
  • How anti-GMO conflates with anti-Monsanto, anti-capitalism, etc…
  • And why labeling GMOs is not only a bad idea there is a better way…learn from the organic movement.

Ep 276 – More Web Wisdom Edition

This week a full course meal of web wisdom…

  • Misconceptions from the Movies – Mental Floss
  • Misconceptions You Learned in School – Mental Floss
  • Myths and misconceptions about evolution – Alex Gendler
  • Gravity and the human body – Jay Buckey
  • The deadly irony of gunpowder – Eric Rosado
  • If superpowers were real- Immortality – Joy Lin
  • Insults by Shakespeare – April Gudenrath
  • Is math discovered or invented- – Jeff Dekofsky
  • How fiction can change reality – Jessica Wise
  • This Will Revolutionize Education – Veritasium
  • Why Are You Always In The Slow Line – DNews
  • The language of lying – Noah Zandan
  • What Do We Need to Know – John Lloyd

Ep 275 – Mess in Mesopotamian Edition

This week an attempted rant about how the legal system in Canada will allow a little girl to die because she is native. Urged by a loyal listener, we do an in-depth look at the History of Iraq…from the dawn of civilization till now. We will answer the questions, did Saddam have WMDs, did Bush lie the US into war…and my own pet theory about how a war in the 70 lead to the current quagmire. Also, some web wisdom from Glen Greenwald about why it is still important to protect your privacy even if “you have nothing to hide”..

Ep 274 – Mental Health Edition

This week a special show with guest Matt Harvey. We take look at the way popular media portrays and stigmatized mental illness…the disconnect between the reality of mental illness and the fictional account we all assume it true. Matt shares a very personal and inspirational story of being stricken with Bi-Polar Disorder, learning to live with and finding that it can be both a source of strength but a lens to help one realize how very lucky we are…not sure what I mean by that, listen and find out.

Ep 273 – Electric Element Edition

This week rant is about which poppy should you wear this remembrance day…white, red or both… In Five new things

  • We talk about where electricity comes from
  • The duality of electrons
  • DNA in blood cells
  • What is your blood made of
  • And how are all the elements of the universe made

We also close some web wisdom…a debate about the colour of your poppy…how you skin heals itself and how we are the cosmos’s way to know itself

Ep 272 – Left in Toronto Edition

This week a web wisdom bonanza…planned obsolescence, not all conspiracies are false…Doctors conflict of interest, the end of everything, UN climate change report and what happened to Olivia Chow in Toronto…

Ep 271 – Halloween Edition

This week are ghost possible? What is the origin of witches? We also discuss the commercialization of Halloween that has turned into an almost 8 billion dollar industry south of the boarder. But we start the show with a blast from the past as we do a recasting of our very first Halloween special…where we discuss the origins of Halloween…the real world origins of vampires and werewolves and how dangerous is taking candy from strangers?

Ep 270 – Islamaphobia Edition

This week we are joined by host emeritus Ethan Clow.

In the light of a recent dust up between Ben Affleck and Sam Harris/Bill Maher…about whether criticism of Islam equals islamaphobia…whether liberals should stop being hypocritical about social ills perpetrated by Muslims… Well, we take a skeptical look at whether or not Islam is the most violent or worst mass religion ever…or at least currently…is it true that any criticism of Islam equated to islamaphobia…are liberals NOT criticizing Muslims for social ills like women’s rights? Lastly, we take direct aim at Sam Harris and just what is his problem…

Best of the 260s

This week classic RFT is focused on real and imagined threats…yes, it the best of the 260s and the best on Ebola and ISIS…

Ep 269 – 5 New Things Edition

This week a new segment…5 new things you might not know..

  • What is a planet? Until 2006, that term has no official meaning. When it did, we went from 9 to 8 planets.
  • Life-like killers – There is a “things” that technically are not life but are life-like and  kill millions of people each year…what are they?
  • What happened to 10 DAYS in 1582? In what could be one of the greatest conspiracies of the all times…learn how the Catholic Church made 10 days disappear from history
  • Leaping time… why do we have lead years and what the hell is a leap second? The choice humanity faces between real and apparent time
  • Where is the end of the solar system? Voyager 1 has left the solar system at least 3 times…and it has yet to reach the real edge of our system.

Also, ISIS redux…a path that will not end well and some web wisdom about

  • Leap years
  • Leap seconds
  • What do vitamins do again
  • Zombie Prions…life that is not alive?

Ep 268 – Ig Nobel 2014 Edition

This week a look at some of the Ig Nobel Awards…

  • Neuroscience prize: Seeing Jesus in toast
  • Mental health: Is it mentally hazardous to own a cat
  • Physics: Frictional Coefficient under Banana Skin
  • Biology: Dogs are sensitive the Earth’s magnetic field
  • Nutrition:Infant feces used to make sausages…no, really.
  • Aesthetic: Arts affect on pain…they use lasers!

And some web wisdom….

  • Pareidolia – Why we see things not really there
  • Taxoplasmosis – Is you cat dangerous to your health
  • Magnetoception – ‘Seeing’ magnetic waves

Ep 267 – ISIS Edition

This week – We postpone our rant to remind everyone that the Ebola epidemic is not only continuing in Africa but gaining momentum.

We share a little web wisdom from about the scale and urgency for the world to react. Also, we take an extended look at ISIS or the Islamic State…who are they, how have they gain such success…should be be afraid or worried about them.

We also discuss the very real dangers present by the US reaction to ISIS…will we have a repeat of 9/11 where the cure is worse than the disease?

Ep 266 – Teacher’s Strike Edition

This week – A rant about the Teacher’s strike…who is right? We take a skeptical is not balanced look at the issues that precipitated and prolongs the educational unrest.

Also Don rambles about how a hundred years ago the FIRST mechanized unit of the British Army was the Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade…

also, how on this day in 1941 Dennis Richie was born…the creator of the C programming language, perhaps the most profound moment in the history of computing…

also, how in 1752 11 days were literately wiped off the calendar…

And also have some web wisdom about:

  • The evolution of the Gregorian Calendar…
  • The role of Horses in World War One…
  • Tim Mitchin’s The Storm and
  • A sample of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about some sexting Geckos…

Ep 265 – Sharumentary Edition

This week – A rant about mandatory surcharges for criminals…and how it harms victims of crime. A classic example of Harper’s bait-and-switch…sidestepping federal responsiblity for the well being and health care of victims of crime and shifting it criminals who are unable to pay for these social service…which should be part of the social safety net.

Also, with Shark Week gone, we take a look at the decline of science documentaries as they try to compete with “Big Bang Theory” and “Big Brother”…

also the mockumentaries the Discovery Channel peddles and how it has turned into tabloid “scient-ish” network…

And we take a look at a number of science facts that are actually fiction…like we only use 10% of our brains…our nails grow after death and lightning never strikes twice.

We end the show with some web wisdom about the growing dangers of drug resistance bugs thanks to our over use and misuse of antibiotics..

Ep 264 – Something Completely Different Edition

This show is a bit of an experiment in style…more rifting, less scripting and things you need to know… This week – There has been much talk about privilege and implicit oppression…notably via race, gender and sexuality. Panti Bliss gave a great talk about this when she was taken to court for calling someone homophobic…as it turned out, she as a gay man cannot…well, you should listen, it is very enlightening… Also, an interview from Democracy Now with Vijay Prashad on Rise of Islamist Militias & Bloody Legacy of 2011 U.S. Intervention. Something you are not likely to hear on corporate media… And we close the show with some wisdom of Noam Chomsky about reform, revolution, a democratic workplace and utopinamism… AS an Easter egg somewhere in the show is Symphony of Sciences latest…a tribute to Robin Williams…Seize the Day.

Ep 263 – Goodbye Robin Williams Edition

This week whine is a Ebola redux edition…stop talking about a miracle cure and start putting doctors on the ground.

When is too much tolerance of intolerance too much? We talk about how a group of Hindu fundamentalist managed to so what every Nazi wish they could do…and they did it with the magic power of RELIGION.

What is the Hitler test and how can it help us know when we should and should not tolerate intolerance…

Traffic safety and the possible crime of driving while brown

A man who left a mark on my life and many of my friends…the passing of Robin Williams has made us all sad at the tragedy of it all…this week half the show is a tribute to the genius that was Robin…Carpe Diem…RIP.

Ep 262 – Ebola Virus Bias Edition

This week whine is about the Ebola Virus…more to the point how what was a page 3 story when it only killed Africans became front page material once a white american gets infected. In the shadow of the all the hype and hysteria, this week we look at the outbreak why its worse than previous and why we really really should not be that worried..

Joining me this week is host emeritus and sometimes historian Ethan Clow as we discuss Harper’s latest attack on democracy as the CRA is ramping up unnecessary and unprecedented audits of charities that are critical of the Harper Regime.

Ethan and I discuss the issue and how it has put a chill on non-profits across the nation as well as how this can dramatically undermined the democratic process as we seem one more step closer to a Harper-ocracy.

Finally a look at cognitive biases…what are they, how they effect us and what can be done. This may explain why every decision you made has been right, why you by more food on a hungry stomach and why you think people are idiots for not knowing what you know.

Ep 261 – Canada Goes To War Edition

This week an extended look at how the Great War affected Canada.

Joining me this week is host emeritus and sometimes historian Ethan Clow. We talk about the defining battles for Canada, their role in the bigger picture of the war. We discuss the darker side of the war when Canada interned thousand of “enemy agents” and forced tens of thousand to register…

We note how racism has changed between the two world wars, by pointing out that the vast majority of interned were actually people of Ukrainian descent. We cover perhaps the most defining issue in Canadian history the conscription crisis of 1917 and how questionable politics pushed this bill through parliament.

We reflect how the war placed Canada as an independent nation on the world stage. We also has some web wisdom about the Conscription Crisis of 1917 and how pivotal it was for Canadian politics and the tension between French and English Canada that extends to today.

Best of the 250s

This week science words that we misuse in everyday conversations,

Justin and the Pope…Justin Trudeau exercises dictatorial powers to deny an anti-abortion candidate from running as a liberal, he then get threatened with excommunication for his “pro-choice” views…so, we are left wondering is religious people should be banned from public office?

The dirty dozen and misreporting toxic food

A look at the new prostitution bill…Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. A bill that is more oppressive than the one just struck down and ironically named for it is a bill to exploit sex workers for political gains.

GMOs and you – After tens of thousands of years of modifying organisms, what does GMO mean now? And the most counter-intuitive argument for GMO labeling.

Ep 260 – Science Word Abuse Edition

Facebook big experiment editing you friends feed…why are we not more angry?

Web wisdom…

  • Facts about evolution you may have forgotten
  • WWI – Lest we Forget…
  • The dominoes that lead to the start of world war one.

Ep 259 – Gaza’s Burning Edition

This week’s whine – Gaza and the biased reporting by the main stream media Web wisdom…

Israeli Propaganda and the Politics of Revenge against Gaza –  interview with Ali Abunimah and Max Blumenthal discuss how the Israeli government manipulated the public into accepting an escalated military operation against Gaza after the murder of three Israeli teenagers – July 11, 2014 Web wisdom…

“Israel Targets Civilians, the Casualties Speak Volumes”: Int’l Protection Urged for Besieged Gaza – interview with Palestinian attorney Diana Buttu, who has served as a legal adviser to the Palestinians in negotiations with Israel and to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Web wisdom…A Ground Invasion of Gaza Will Achieve Nothing But More Bloodshed – interview with Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy says the people of Gaza are victims of Israeli domestic politics and treated like hostages by Hamas –   July 14/2014 Real News Network

Ep 258 – Who Shot the Archduke Edition

This week’s whine – Facebook big experiment editing you friends feed…why are we not more angry?

Snowden one year later…what have we learned and what have we done about it? And

Legal anachronisms…immorality still a crime and crime comic still illegal

Ep 257 – Sex Sells Reduc Edition <show notes>

This week’s whine – Iraq and global rights…of the UN’s Right to Protect ushered in the idea of Global Citizen’s with universal rights and how Syria and now Iraq exemplifies who horrible we have cocked it up in it’s implementation.

A look at the new prostitution bill…Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. A bill that is more oppressive than the one just struck down and ironically named for it is a bill to exploit sex workers for political gains.

A case for the justification of brothels…should brothels and sex work in general be legalized and regulated or is prostitution innately harmful? We scour the globe to find evidence as to what is the better social policy.

Lastly, some web wisdom – How Class Works…what class is all about and applies that understanding to the foreclosure crisis of 2007–2011.

Ep 256 – What Good is the News Edition <show notes>

This week more web wisdom… A 2008 interview with the very nationalist Mel Hurtig about his book “Truths about Canada”…about how Canada has changed, very much for the worse, in the last twenty years. Now this book was published in 2008  and he makes some predictions about Canada…now, 8 years on, it is surprising how these predictions fared. also,

Alain de Botton asks: “What is it that we’re really looking for when we watch or read the news – and is it doing us any good?” de Botton turns his philosophical lens on The News, to examines the peculiar position it holds in our lives – and offers counsel on the precautions we should take before venturing anywhere near it and the “noise” it generates.

Lastly, how many of you have gone out and spent too much money to watch X-Men: days of future past? I bet a number of you wish you were mutants with special powers…well it may surprise you that many of you ARE mutants and that power may have help your kind rule the world.

Ep 255 – Dirty Dozen Edition <show notes>

This weeks whine – The dirty dozen and misreporting toxic food

Blinded by Science – Mice gotta run, The Beast asteroid and DNA expands

Prairie Correspondent – Reflections on the phrase “thank god”

Web Wisdom –

  • Ted-ED – How to choose your news – Damon Brown And
  • D-Day…meaning to Canada and the context of controversy

Ep 254 – No Bananas Edition <show notes>

This week

–         Too big to jail…there seems to be two legal system, one for you and me and one for corporations (and the rich). We get put into jail, they get a fine and have go back to doing what they do.

–          Neighborhoods…thoughts about being neighborly in a global community from a Prairie Correspondent.

–          UnFair Election Law…just days away for become the law of the land, we look and what was change and what we lost.

–          Media consolidation…Canada has the highest levels of media concentration in the world, we also have the most vertically integrated media in the world. We look at how this harms society and what we can do the fix it!

–          Justin and the Pope…Justin Trudeau exercises dictatorial powers to deny an anti-abortion candidate from running as a liberal, he then get threatened with excommunication for his “pro-choice” views…so, we are left wondering is religious people should be banned from public office?

–          “Yes, We have no more bananas”…It is likely that with a decade our beloved proof of god, the Cavendish banana will be on the verge of extinction…how did it happen and what can be done about it? Plus, why doesn’t banana pudding taste like bananas?

Ep 253 – Dark Origins Edition <show notes>

This week

– A whine about Evidence Based Medicine and a child’s capacity to consent,

– Our Prairie Correspondent Talks Language, Bias and Politics,

– A Bright Side Segment on a New Prize to Save the World and

– A “shyte just got interesting” segment on Dark Origins of Fairy-tales and Nursery Rhymes.


Best of the 240s <show notes>

This time a rewind on Killing the CBC plus a bonus update to the story.

Also, what is it to be a Canadian?

and a debunking of Astrology

plus a bonus clip of Carl Sagan on astrology.

Ep 252 – The GMO and You Edition <show notes>

This week:

A special report from the Prairies on poverty – How kicking out a homeless man from a grocery store reflects on the deficiencies of our society.

Non-English signs – Recent debate about a Chinese only sign in Richmond leads to thought about what multiculturalism ultimately means.

Temporary foreign workers – A 40yr old program gone off the rails under Harper’s watch…how did it happen?

Chernobyl at 28 – 28yrs later, life has not only survived at Chernobyl but is flourishing.

GMOs and you – After tens of thousands of years of modifying organisms, what does GMO mean now? And the most counter-intuitive argument for GMO labeling.

Ep 251 – The Sector Edition <show notes>

This week: NGOs, non-profits and charities…what are they and what are they good for? We also have our irregular regular Ethan Clow talk about his new venture The Sector.

Ep 250 – Landmark 250th Edition <show notes>

This weeks whine is about the Senates push back on the Fair Elections act…weak tea. As well as the mystifying comments of Senator Frum accusing Elections Canada of a conflict of interest.

Celebrating our 250th episode we have a visit for past host Chloe, Daniel and Rob…we as read a message from Jenna.

And as a special treat we are rebroadcasting the very first episode of Radio Free Thinker…how the show has evolved.

Ep 249 – Killing the CBC Edition <show notes>

This weeks whine: Killing the CBC, how the Harper government is yet again trying to destroy another crown jewel of Canada.

Seriously the Unfair Elections Act is Important: How did Poilievre become Minister for Democratic Reform, how was the act craft and again…how it can destroy democracy in Canada – The Harper fix is in!

Climate Change…even more certainty and dire warnings, again – The IPCC released it latest report on the state of the worlds climate and we’re serious screwed! and, Society Is Doomed: NASA funded study shows the not only do civilizations collapse, it happens regularly and is inevitable…but there is an upside.

RFT Special – Shock Doctrine <show notes>

As part of our Wisdom from the Web series, this week we present an interview Naomi Klein gave at the launch of her book Shock Doctrine. In this interview she discusses the books theme that the free market policies of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman have risen to prominence in some countries because of a deliberate strategy of certain leaders to exploit crises by pushing through controversial, exploitative policies while citizens were too busy emotionally and physically reeling from disasters or upheavals to create an effective resistance. It is implied that some man-made crises, such as the Iraq war, may have been created with the intention of pushing through these unpopular reforms in their wake.

Ep 248 – Canada Post Bank Edition <show notes>

This week:

The Whine of the Week – the ominous omnibus budget bill: what’s wrong with presenting a bloated bill, how it subverts democracy and why its not an accident.

With much discussion about the woes of Canada Post’s immanent demise and the need to cut service, we take a look at the validity of this prophecy of doom and how resurrecting the Canada Post Bank would shore up the crown corp and provide a valued social service.

And we review the global condemnation of the Fair Elections Act as an open letter from Canadian academics is joined by one from the worlds academics.

Ep 247 – Crimean War 2014 Edition <show notes>

This week:

  • Don puts in on the record that the missing Malaysian plan was stolen…
  • This weeks harangue restated the argument against the anti-vax rhetoric and makes a case for the criminalization of such speech.
  • We take another look the growing tension in the Ukraine as well as point out the similarities between the revolution in Kiev to that in Crimea. As well as making parallels to Putin’s claims to the Crimea and Hitler’s to the Sudetenland.
  • And more wisdom from the web as we share 3 CGP Grey’s talks about the problems with voting.

Ep 246 – Bit Coin Edition <show notes>

This week:

  • Don’s harangue is about journalist and speaking fees – who is paying for your news?
  • An in-depth look at Bitcoin…what is it, how do you mine them, how are they used and how can they be stolen. With emphasis on the MtGox event where almost a billion dollars was stolen…making it the 2nd biggest bank job in history.
  • Wisdom from the Web – RSA animation, “Crisis with Capitalism”
  • And another internet get, What is critical thinking?

Ep 245 – Fantasy Fundrive Edition <show notes>

This week:

  • We take a look at the Crisis in Crimea, when and how did the latest crisis start, why did Russia invade, What’s the history of the region, is Putin recreating the old Soviet Union, or is just a deluded neo-tsarist?
  • We discuss fiction and how that plays out in the skeptical community.
  • And we critique Bill Nye”s creation debate and will this finally but an end to skeptics debating fringe ideas?

Special thanks to all thanks who pledge to help keep the show on the air.

Ep 244 – Free Trade Edition <show notes>

This week:

  • Don’s harangue is about Terrorist, capital ‘T’ and what we learned from the Sochi Olympics
  • On the 25th Anniversary of CAFTA and 20th for NAFTA, we take a look at free trade and what to be looking at with the pending Trans Pacific Partnership.
  • As skeptics, we are often accused of being closed minded by peddlers of pseudoscience, alt-med, and believers in supernatural. To help explain why this an inverted position, we have a guest clip from QualiSoup, who does a good takedown on why proponents of Woo are really the closed minded.
  • We close the show with another guest clip from SciShow which talks about the topic of taboo science…are there areas or topics that should be out-of-bounds for science?

Ep 243 – Canadian Citizenship Edition <show notes>

Don’s Rant’s about why do we call a budget a budget when that actually does not say specifically a federal budget.

New DNA evidence may help settle the question who were the first First People of America,

“A head of the Curve” segment about a new paper on neurotoxins,

a look at how we became Canadian Citizens

and in honour of the Olympics a classic RFT segment about doping in sports.

Ep 242 – Whats Your Sign Edition <show notes>

Don’s Rant’s about the Fair Elections Act and the ominous implications it has on Canadian democracy.

In the wake of the controversy, in the skeptic community, about MacMillan Space Center event regarding Astrology, we take a quick look at astrology and how it evolved into the real science astronomy.

Ep 241 – Debating God Edition <show notes>

Don’s Rant’s turned into a primer and tutorial about how to debate a charismatic christian apologist. Having listened to a debate between an Atheist and an Apologist on the topic “Is it rational to believe in god”. However quickly the Apologist changed the question to “What is a rational belief” and then it became “Can a rational person believe in god?” So, this weeks show is what are the arguments for and against god, but more importantly how do you debate rhetoric instead of facts.

Best of the 230s <show notes>

Don’s Rant’s about Harper’s redefinition of Antisemitism and his twisted logic of criticizing ‘apparent’ moral relativism but stating moral acts must be judged relatively…you cannot condemn Israeli actions with weigh them compared to Arab/Palestinian actions.

From the vaults, my extended interview with Dale McGowan, author of “Atheism for Dummies” and executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief. We discuss that others think of atheism, the history of disbelief and the culture of atheism.

Ep 240 – Polar Vortex Edition <show notes>

Don’s Rant’s about the cold snap, what is a polar vortex and why this is NOT proof the climate change is bogus.

In a new segment Moral Dilemma’s, we discuss the sad case of a pregnant woman who suffered a aneurysm and is now brain dead. Now there is a legal fight between the spouse who wants to honour his dead wife’s wish to not be kept alive via extraordinary means and the hospital that is legally bound to keep her on life support as long as she is pregnant.

Which is deadlier nuclear power or fossil fuel?

We first examine Fukushima 1000 days later. We compare Fukushima to Chernobyl…which was worse? and finally which is actually a greater danger to the global health – nuclear power or fossil fuel.

Ep 239 – Pope Francis Gambit Edition <show notes>

Don’s Rant is all about the closure of almost all of the DFO’s libraries. The contents of the libraries were either given away or tossed in the trash. Scientist complain that the government did not live up to it’s promise to digitize the libraries contents and that this is just another front Harper has opened on his war on science.

A blast from the past as we rebroadcast our segment about the election of Pope Francis 300 days ago. We also discuss the charm offensive of Time Person of the Year, Pope Francis. Does this pope spark real change or is it just a new ploy dreamt up by former Fox News reporter now head of the Vatican public relations. Is there a ‘real’ Pope Frankie who has masterminded the smoke and mirrors that is Pope Francis while Pope Frankie continues the condemnation of church doctrine? Does the actions match the rhetoric? Atheist should be very afraid of this pope, the easy battles with the cartoon caricature Pope Benedict presented are gone; the church has launched a new offensive. Are we up to the challenge?

Ep 238 – New Years Eve Edition <show notes>

Don’s Rant is about the Supreme Court of Canada striking down key elements in Canada’s prostitution laws. It is now transforms the theoretical legality of prostitution and makes the actual practice of prostitution legal. Does this help or hurt the sex trade workers? Society? Listen and find out Don’s take on the issue.

And from the vaults, some of this years best:

  • Eulogy for Aaron Swartz – a tragic loss for a free society. Don give an impassioned and emotional eulogy to one of the promising progressive lights – Aaron Swartz, and how state bullying contributed to his suicide.
  • The full lecture Don gave at Skepticamp Vancouver 2013 – “1984 – NSA, Snowden and Spying: A Skeptic Look at the Surveillance State”.
  • Does hockey need violence? Could we remove it? Do we want to?

Best of RFT – Education <show notes>

Dis-education – A look at the harms of Christian home schooling. We take an extended look at the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum and what some home schooling text-book are actually teach our children about the physical sciences as well as the social sciences. South Korea removed evolution from schoolsUnder pressure from religious groups in South Korea, publishers of science textbook have removed any reference to evolution.

Ep 237 – World Federalist Movement Edition <show notes>; Don’s Rant is about Affluenza, Povertieitus and how growing inequality is creating two separate legal standards. How our own Minister of Industry, can not so image what its like to help others, that he finds the idea that AS a minister and servant of the people that he may have to help those in need…when he say “”, he laughed as thought the idea preposterous. We talk to Vivian Davidson from the World Federalist Movement and how they plan to transform global governance…hint – one world government + UN “army” + social egalitarian ethos = utopia.

Ep 236 – Pentecostal History Maker Edition <show notes>; Randolf Richardson returns as one of our irregular regulars. Don’s Rant is about the impact of Nelson Mandela, how he may be the greatest person for generations and how he turned hate to love, and as he put it “The oppressed and the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity…my mission, to liberate the oppressed and the oppressor both.”. We talk to Sam Fenn and Gordon Katic who created the documentary History Maker 2013…a Pentecostal event for teenagers. We discuss the history of the church, how these events fit into the future of the church, its impact on the kids. List to find out what Sam confession is and why he may be uncomfortable.

Ep 235 – Pseudo-scientist Take-down Edition <

show notes>; Randolf Richardson returns as one of our irregular regulars. Don’s Rant is about the Harper Governments silence about how the American Home Land Security seem have complete access to Canadian private medical records. Is this a sign of weakness, incompetence, arrogance or is the Harper Government breaking the law by willingly sharing this information. We discuss an exchange between Jerry Coyne and Deepak Chopra at The New Republic. Coyne does a great take-down of Pseudo-scientist paranoia, a irrelevant rebuttal by Deepak and Coynes take-down of Deepak’s rebuttal.

Ep 234 – Doctor Who Edition <show notes>; Host emeritus Ethan Clow returns for a look at Doctor Who, and what lessons we can learn from both the Doctor and his enemies. Don also does a rant about the dismal results of the bi-election in Brandon-Souris…proving yet a gain, people are not ready for democracy, what irony in that sentiment.

Ep 233 – Privatized Edition <

show notes>; This week we take an extended look at private vs. public ownership with host emeritus Daniel Gipps. We discuss the various forms of public ownership. Don also challenges the reasons why public corporations are privatized and how selling of public assets in the form of crown corporations is a losing prospect for citizens. We discover Don and Dan share a hatred for P3 or public-private-partnerships…they are a rip off for citizens and a risk free cash cow for private corporations. How do you judge which is better? And what is the ultimate answer to the question – which is better public or private corporations?

Ep 232 – The Poppy Wars Edition <show notes>; Rob Ford has been big in the news, but when should private lives be left private for public figures? Every Remembrance Day a battle occurs between the Red and the White poppy. Where did they come from, why are they both important and how to understand those who refuse to wear a red poppy. We take a look at they hypocrisy of the Harper government attitude towards veterans. They are quick to exploit them for political points but when a vet needs help, there actively. The role of bullying in professional sports. When Jonathan Martin exposed bullying in football, other players blamed and condemned the victim. The USA looses voting rights at UNESCO after 2 years of not paying its dues because UNESCO has the audacity to ignore Israel demands and accepted Palestine as a state member. UNESCO lose 1/4 of its funding in this petty move by the USA. Also a classic interview with Tony Sabrato on the conspiratory mind. And we end the show with a few classics from Symphony of Science.

Ep 231 – 1984 Edition <show notes>; Don’s Rant is about Harper’s quote from the Conservative convention “I couldn’t care less” and the pending disaster as the RCMP are called in to investigate wrong doing at the PMO’s office over Duffy’s cheque. Also,the full lecture Don gave at Skepticamp Vancouver 2013 – “1984 – NSA, Snowden and Spying: A Skeptic Look at the Surveillance State”. Also a classic interview with Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy fame. And we end the show with a few classics from Symphony of Science.

Ep 230 – Dummies Edition <show notes>; Don’s Rant is about how the continuing revelations from Snowden is showing how the US and Canada are spying allies. Also how much state spying is being done for corporate benefit. Lastly, how this spying is causing a race to the bottom of unethical spying Also an extended interview with Dale McGowan, author of “Atheism for Dummies” and executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief. We discuss that others think of atheism, the history of disbelief and the culture of atheism.

Ep 229 – Skeptic Music Edition <show notes>; Don’s Rant is about how thanks to the Senate scandal, nomination shenanigans in Brandon—Souris and an thrown speech which didn’t mention accountability…the Conservatives are risking looking there political base in the same way the PC’s did in the 90s. Also more evidence the Pope may be a closet Atheist when he claims that the church is plagued by “ideology” minded Christians who have, as he put it “lost the faith”. Research is in on the Zamboni treatment for MS, and it looks like it does nothing…making the rash actions of Zamboni to treat people before his claims could be proven makes he a dangerous quack! Also we take a relaxed moment and enjoy some skeptical music largely thanks to Symphony of Science.

Ep 228 – Debating Islam Edition <show notes>; Don’s Rant about how political micro-targeting has turned citizens into a commodity to be bought like we would chips. Politicians are not longer listening to the electorate about what government should be/do but instead are marketing their parties like you would a car. It’s telling people to BY Harper (for example) and not ‘we hear you and will do you bidding’. Also, How to debate a Muslim and not be a racist. We live in culture that has equate Islam with terrorism…a religious faith with a racist identity. This has happened because popular media promotes this view. We provided a primer on the origins of Islam, its beliefs, it’s sects and the rise of the Islamic Empire. We also follow the major arguments for faith and debunk them. Special thanks to Randolf Richardson from Atheist Frontier from joining in on the show.

Ep 227 – Mega Vitamins Edition <

show notes>; Don’s Rant is about the death of Canadian technology giant Black Berry and how the icons of Canada are disappearing. Linus Pauling, great scientist turn quack, is largely responsible for the explosion of mega dosing. Mega vitamins may not only be a waste of money but a strong cause of cancer and heart diseases. Should we boycott the Sochi Olympics? What are the alternative? And we have a chat with host emeritus Ethan Clow about GTA-V, how TV villains are not he guys we root for and moving to mars.

Ep 226 – Free Thinkers Club  Edition <show notes>; Don’s Rant about Pope Francis…based on recent comments, could the pope be a closeted atheist? Or maybe the first communist pope? We also have an interview with Pratyush Dhawan and Darren Bell from the UBC Free Thinkers Club. We discuss atheism, skepticism, humanism, and just what is “free thinking”. We also discuss ‘natural spiritualism’, humanity becoming an inter-stellar species, and the moral landscape.

Ep 225 – Economic Science Edition <

show notes>; We start with Don’s Rant about Quebec Charter Of Values…Anti immigrant policy implement for political gain, with luck it will backfire. Also returning to the show, host emeritus Daniel Gipps. We discuss whether economics is or is not a science. What qualifies as science? Is it possible for economics to have a ‘hard science’ foundation? And what lessons can be learned from Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany?

Ep 224 – Carl Saga Association Edition <show notes>; We start with Don’s Rant about Frosh Chant…HOW could any one think the “no-consent” was legal…let along appropriate. It leaves you just gobsmacked. We also have an interview with Jason Fernando from the Carl Sagan Association for the Communication of Science. Who is Carl Sagan, why an Association and just how do the plan to communicate about science and more specifically to science community.

Ep 223 – Atheist Identity Edition <

show notes>; Don’s Rant about Syria, Chemical weapons, crimes against humanity, The UN’s Responsibility to Protect, Russia intransigence, and how the US’s history has come to haunt the world. We also have an intensive discussion about is there an atheist identity, what does that mean and should we embrace it or run for the hills. Also, are Atheist moral and how does an Atheist parent frame teaching ethics to their children?

Ep 222 – That’s Funny Edition <show notes>; This week an extended interview with local funny man Hamoon Efdis. We talk about the health effects of laughter, the origins of humour, the first recorded jokes and how Jokes have evolved over time. Are there words that should never be used, even in a joke? Are there topics that are out of bounds for comics? What is offensive? What is obscene? How are these the same/different and what role does it play in comedy?

Ep 221 – Leaving Skepticism Edition; Radio Free Thinker 2.0, an hour long exit interview with host emeritus Ethan Clow about how he started into skepticism and why he is leaving it.

Best of the 210s <show notes>; This week:

  • Ant-GMO fallacies – We tackles some of fallacies of the anti-GMO movement, and discuss better reasons to hate Monsanto
  • Faith in Science – We report on a study that shows atheist gain solus from science in times of stress and existential anxiety.
  • Irished Water – Should the state medicate the entire population to reduce depression and suicide? and
  • The Good of Big Data – We look how big data has save lives, improved shopping and shed light on the origins of the cosmos.

Best of the 200s <show notes>; This week:

  • Library and Archives of Canada are ask to swear loyalty to the government of Canada and not to Canada itself
  • With the recent arrival of Pandas to Toronto, we discuss pandas, panda politics and what did Harper do to change China’s mind.
  • Suing for information – how Canada’s Information Commissioner is pushing back on Harper’s muzzling of our government , and
  • The Parliamentary Budget Office and why its important for democracy.

Ep 220 – UK Porn Ban Edition <show notes>; This week:

  • Cosmos rebirth – Sagan’s classic show has a reboot
  • Norse Myth fact check – Orwell as seen in Viking mythology
  • Who murdered Mars? – a look at explanations that don’t make sense, and
  • The UK to ban Porn…right! – Britain put forward a plan to filter out all porn traffic.

Ep 219 – Not So Ancient Wisdom Edition <show notes>; This week:

  • TRex is bad ass again – We delve into the debate, was TRex predator or scavenger
  • The View anti-vax fail – The View hires anti-promoter Jenny McCarthy
  • Atheist types – Just what kind of atheist are you?, and
  • Not so ancient wisdom – Just how ancient are those ancient wisdoms?

Ep 218 – Bench Clearing Edition <

show notes>; This week:

  • Bill C-266 – An Act to establish Pope John Paul II Day in Canada – WTF!
  • Irished Water – Should the state medicate the entire population to reduce depression and suicide?
  • Science of the Saints – academic myth busting of Mother Teresa, and
  • Does hockey need violence? Could we remove it? Do we want to?

Ep 217 – Post Canada Day Edition <show notes>; This week:

  • Maple Leaf myths and the great Canadian Flag debate
  • Schedule 1 censorship – how politics is overriding evidence based policy in drug research
  • Florida gets the first of many Atheist Monuments, and
  • We compare three story about food…the ugly fear-mongering type, a rebuttal of it and then how to do fear-mongering in a scientifically accurate(?) and entertaining way.

Ep 216 – Goodbye Gandolfini Edition <

show notes>; This week:

  • We discuss we discuss the global memorials to the death of James Gandolfini
  • Dolphin Woo – the bad science behind Dolphin Assisted Treatment
  • Anti science left – we review a few of the bad anti-science news stories from the left – GMO food, Nuclear Power, Energy risks
  • Museum fail – UK museum hints 4000 yr old spirits are moving statues around, and
  • We do fun flashback and look at the pre-internet conspiracy about the ‘alleged’ death of Paul McCartney of the Beatles back in 1966.

Ep 215 – Bad Big Data Edition <show notes>; This week:

  • We discuss the latest blunder by CFI Transnational as Rebecca Watson, Greta Christina, and other leading women skeptics cut their ties to CFI-T
  • Ethan explains that CFI Canada has not ties/connections (beyond a shared name) with CFI Transnational, and
  • Part 2 of 2 segments on Big Data – Don takes an extended look at the dark sides of big data and what you need to know and why its important to everyone..

Ep 214 – The good of Big Data Edition <

show notes>; This week:

  • Historical precedent for the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones
  • New research shows a global divide on the acceptance of homosexuality
  • We report on a study that shows atheist gain solus from science in times of stress and existential anxiety, and
  • Part 1 of 2 segments on Big Data – We look at the good Big Data has brought into our lives.

Ep 213 – Drone Strike Edition <show notes>; This week:

  • Micheal Douglas blames oral sex for his cancer…was he right?
  • Humanist report – In praise of Morgentaler
  • We reports on the use of super-computers to discover HIV’s protein secrets, and
  • We take a skeptical look at drones or semi-autonomous aerial military vehicles.

Ep 212 – Election Fraud Edition <show notes>; This week:

  • A look at Volkswagen – Hitlers one good thing?
  • We look at early evidence the ending fluoridation in Calgary is leading to a rise in tooth decay.
  • We reports on Ottawa’s Health boards decision to expel the un-vaccinated,
  • We tackles some of fallacies of the anti-GMO movement, and discuss better reasons to hate Monsanto, and
  • In the light of a courts ruling confirming election fraud in the robocall scandal, Don explores the ruling and the role of the Conservative party in this and other scandals threatening democracy.

Ep 211 – Election Autopsy Edition <show notes>;

  • This week a salute to Chris Hatfield for showing astronauts can be great PR agents for science and space, A look at the past election and how the pollsters and pundits could get it so wrong, Senate Shenanigans – can you fire a senator and you’ll hate your self for not going to Imagine No Religion 3 – Ethan give a review of what happened.

Ep 210 – Election Issues Edition <

show notes>;

  • This week Quitting skepticism, Super languages, and BC Election 2013 – the issue.

Ep 209 – BC Beliefs Edition <show notes>;

  • This week Zipper’s 100, Rubber Ducking Fluoridation, state religion & atheist and The Humanist Report – Polling BC Beliefs.

Ep 208 – Boston Bombing Edition <show notes>;

  • This week Reid on religions, the Scottish atheist and Boston Bombing issues.

Ep 207 – Digital Rights Edition <

show notes>;

  • This week we talk about a crazy poll, The Parliamentary Budget Office and why its important for democracy and Digital Media Rights and Wrongs.

Ep 206 – Election Quiz Edition <show notes>;

  • This week we say goodbye to Roger Ebert, Suing for information – how Canada’s Information Commissioner is pushing back on Harper’s muzzling of our government and the Humanist Report – Election quiz and the Atheist Church.

Ep 205 – Nuking Korea Edition <

show notes>;

  • This week we discover the real Gates of Hell…who’d a thunk it was in…listen to find out where. Salon posts a hatched job to equate Dawkins with radical Islamaphobist…listen to see how you separate the genuine from the dishonest criticisms. Ethan explores the really real origins of Easter…kinda and With all the talk in the news about the pending nuclear war in Korea, Don takes a factual look at the peninsula’s history, North Korea and what really could happen.

Ep 204 – Panda Politics Edition <show notes>;

  • The Pope Frankie may be like the old pope and complicit in ‘hiding’ pedophilic priest, A creationist is offering $10,000 for anyone who can disprove Young Earth Literal Creationism, Library and Archives of Canada are ask to swear loyalty to the government of Canada and not to Canada itself, and with the recent arrival of Pandas to Toronto, we discuss pandas, panda politics and what did Harper do to change China’s mind.

Ep 203 – Who Killed JC Edition <

show notes>;

  • Who killed JC?, What are the Ides and are they only in March?, Faith and Crime, New Pope with baggage, and Atheist Discrimination vs Religious Freedom

Ep 202 – Stompin’ Tom Edition <show notes>;

  • A Tribute to a great Canadian Stompin’ Tom Connors, Don makes his case why Vaccine Awareness Network (VAN) or the Anti-Vax-ers should be censored, Ethan reviews his media encounters regarding the Anti-Vax-ers, and we talk about the new phenomena of Atheist Churches.

Special – FunDrive edition;

  • Broadcast Live from the Study Aboard Conference  We discuss the Anti-Vax-er upcoming event, Why Wales is such a safe place to study and asking you to keep us on the air.

Ep 201 – Magdalene Laundry Edition <show notes>;

  • The Oscars, praise and criticism of Seth MacFarlane, the movie Argo rewriting history, Catholic silence on the Magdalene Laundry scandal and we reply to some listener feedback on free-will clarification

Ep 200 – The Fecken  200th Edition <

show notes>;

  • Space attacks Russia, The Vatican Laundry, No freedom for atheist, and listener feedback on gun control.

Ep 199 – Non-Secular Liberal Edition <show notes>;

  • First Apocalypse 2013, Cancer charity win McCarthy loss, CIDA supports anti-gay charity, The Pope quits, and Christy Clark and the state of BC secular state

The Best of the 180s  – Skepticly Strong Edition <show notes>;

  • Cellular Memory – the skeptical bubble, Defining the “-ism”s and What’s up with A+ and the skeptical movement?

Ep 198 – Cost of Casinos Edition <show notes>;

  • Mali malady, Shriek of the Big Foot, The RePoopUlator, and the cost of casinos.

Ep 197 – Lancing Armstrong Edition <show notes>;

  • Sandy Hook Truthers, De-extinction, Earth Bursts a Gama-ray, the Doh! Of Doha and Lance Armstrong and professional doping!

Ep 196 – Goodbye Aaron Edition <show notes>;

  • Lead violence, Calgary’s Flaming Flu controversy, Eulogy for Aaron Swartz, and Sam Harris Shots himself…again!

Ep 195 – Insight into Insite Edition <show notes>;

  • The End is Nigh, Looking back at psychic predictions,Van Courier Fail, and Interview with Dr. Thomas Kerr about Vancouver’s Insite.

Ep 194 – Gun Violence Edition <show notes>; <currently unavailable>

  • Counting Atheist, Humanist Christmas, and Gun special: Gun Control, Gun Reporting and the culture of Guns

Ep 193 – Solemnized Edition <show notes>;

  • The Real Noah’s Ark, Repressive blasphemy law, Beyond Secularism in Chilliwack, and an interview with CFI Indiana about the right to solemnize weddings

Ep 192 – Certified Organic Edition <show notes>;

  • End of Truffles, Movie review – Lincoln, Zoophilia – loving Fido too much, and What makes organic Organic?

Ep 191 – Chicken Soup Edition <show notes>;

  • Nuking the moon, Gideon bibles in schools (Update), End of shellfish, and The mythology of chicken soup

Ep 190 – Killer Energy Shot Edition <show notes>;

  • Women’s Issues in the Secular Movement, Ireland’s ‘Pro-life’ Laws Kill, Rogue Planet Found, and Killer Energy Drinks – is Caffeine Toxic?

Ep 189 – The End of Coffee Edition <show notes>;

  • Coffee plant soon to be extinct, Talking Elephants, Tyson find Superman’s home planet, Autism ‘links’ to the flu, and Mandatory Flu Vaccination – why doctors resist

Ep 188 – The Not Talking Elephant Edition <show notes>;

  • SkeptiCamp Fall 2012 review, Star Wars Episode 7 – Darth Mickey?,The 100 year Starship Project, The Controversial Anthropocene, and The Rent-a-cop dilemma – What you should know about Security Guards

Ep187 – Zombie Free Will Edition <show notes>;

  • Gideon give-away at school, Atheist solemnize marriage, More census change ramifications, Vaccine recall, Scary music, Zombie Planet, and Sam Harris on Free Will

Ep186 – Cellular Memory Edition <show notes>;

  • Bad-art thievesGood-bye Paul Kurtz, Results of the Earthquake trial, and Cellular Memory – the skeptical bubble

Ep185 – Dinos are dead forever Edition <show notes>;

  • Positive signs from government, Are scientists dishonest, Jurassic Park is impossible, Unhealthy healthcare myths, and are we losing the anti-vax war

Ep184 – Free Speech Hypocrisy Edition <show notes>;

  • Poor data from voluntary census, Funding cuts and beef recall, the almost Montreal Yom Kippur controversy, Narcolepsy and the Flu, and Our review of this years Ig Noble Prizes.

Ep183 – Islamic Bomb Edition <show notes>;

  • Prayed to death, Religious intolerance on the rise, Iran and the Bomb, and The Black Death.

Ep182 – Innocence of YouTube Edition <show notes>;

  • Innocents of Muslims controversy, Framing Blasphemy, The Lesula monkey, Parking Richard the 3rd, Recast of the bad investment of Fare-gates, and Fare-gates impact.

Ep181 – Science Strikes Back Edition <show notes>;

  • Canada Cuts Diplomatic Ties to Iran, Organic Shmorganic, Korean Science strikes back, and Interview with Desiree Schell from Sceptically Speaking.

Ep180 – Skeptical Waves Edition <show notes>;

  • Goodbye Neil Armstrong, Causality and climate change, Defining the “-ism”s and What’s up with A+ and the skeptical movement?

Best of Radio Free Thinker – the 170’s <show notes>;

  • Nuclear Salmon of the West cost?, Awful Atheists, and Quack medicine and your pet

Ep179 – Bad Science Watch Edition <show notes>;

  • What is political asylum, Egg-travant cake mix myth, the on-again off-again sex affair with Neanderthals and interview with Bad Science Watch executive director Jamie Williams

Ep178 – Humanist Agenda Edition <show notes>;

  • American Atheist Billboard campaign for part conventions, Quebec PQ party calls for secular charter to remove religion from government, and Extended interview with BC Humanist Association executive director Ian Bushfield

Ep177 – Back to Mars Edition <show notes>;

  • Curiosity Lands on Mars, Awful Atheists, and Quack medicine and your pet

Ep176 – Olympic Cyborg Edition <show notes>;

  • Olympic Cyborg Sprinter, Olympic Measles Pandemic?, Politics, Religion and Economics at the Olympics, and Naturopaths conquer Alberta

Ep175 – Nuclear Salmon Edition <;show notes>;

  • Airport security’s porno twist, Nuclear Salmon of the West cost?, Drones stop Polio Eradication, Rocket Launchers new target at Olympics and What’s Ethan’s problem with the War of 1812?

Best of Radio Free Thinker – the 160’s <show notes>;

  • The Fare-ness of Translink – a gated community, NarcOnon – Scientology on drugs, and Jane the Ripper – will the real White Chapel murder please stand up.

Ep174 – Buring Fat Edition <show notes>;

  • Purple-Pee Olympics, Dis-Education – Why retard your child’s mind?, and Interview with Edward Falzon.

Ep173 – Dis-Education Edition <show notes>;

  • Hitting kids crazy, What’s to hate about standardized testing, and Dis-Education – the harms of Christian home schooling.

Ep172 – Avro Arrow Edition <show notes>;

  • Defrocked women, Romans in Japan, super human mutants, killer grass, and Who killed the Avro Arrow?

Ep171 – Living Wage Edition <show notes>;

  • Chinese rockets, Neanderthal painters?, the crime of Atheism, Reproductive music, Poverty and a Living Wage (Part 2 of 2 interview with Iglika Ivanova)

Ep170 – Korean Fail Edition <show notes>;

  • Korea removed evolution from schools, Belief in god relies on thinking like god, Reproductive music, Tuition fees and university funding (Part 1 of 2 interview with Iglika Ivanova)

Ep169 – Poisoned Pastor Edition <show notes>;

  • Too much ado over the jubilee, Snaking Handling for god, Does your dog really feel guilt?, and The harms of inequality, the real story (Part 3 of 3 interview with Seth Klein)

Ep168 – Jane the Ripper Edition <show notes>;

  • Celebrity cannibalism, There’s too much water in the oceans, Taxes, the real story (Part 2 of 3 interview with Seth Klein),and has the identity of Jack the Ripper finally been discovered?

Ep167 – Global Austerity Edition <show notes>;

  • Space X launch,Dangers of overselling vaccination ,Canada’s endangered scientist, and Austerity: does it work (Part 1 of 3 interview with Seth Klein)

Ep166 – SkyTrain Fare-ness Edition <show notes>;

  • Apostate Norway, A most atheist country , Religion and sports don’t mix, The Vatican Bubble, and SkyTrain Fare-Gates

Ep165 – Profiling Sam Harris Edition <show notes>;

  • Europe votes against austerity, the rise of Neo-Nazis in Greece, Rescuing Asia’s ancient cultural landmarks, The Jesus T-shirt, and Is Sam Harris a Racist? A look at his latest articles on profiling

Ep164 – International Workers Edition <show notes>;

  • International Worker’s Day, Mining Asteroids, Nutella is not health food, analytical thought weakens religion and NarcOnon – Scientology on drugs

Ep163 – Department of Silence Edition <show notes>;

  • Bureaucratic censorship, Human haired mouse, Shoppers sued over homeopathy, Ancient Asian travels to the Americas and what’s REALLY in TCM

Ep162- Freethinking President Edition <show notes>;

  • Hot March, Climate Change 1981, the Good of violent video games, Saskatoon exorcism, and interview with new UBC Freethinker’s club president

Ep161 – Budget Busting Edition <show notes>;

  • Ruffled paleontologist, Trumping Anti-Vax, Passover myths, Cutting the CBC, and Austerity Hurts Skepticism

Ep160 – Somebodies Watching Me Edition <show notes>;

  • Internet Surveillance, Improving Uranium, Anthropomorphic Extinction, Lucy’s neighbors, and Pick you skeptic battles

Ep159 – Trans-Atlantic Conservative Edition Ep158 – Citing Canada Edition Ep157 – Earthworm Invasion Edition Ep156 – Ration Compassion Edition Ep155 – Witch Hunter Edition Ep154 – Legally Moral Edition Ep153 – Home Alone – Best of RFT – Edition Ep152 – Mystery Athiest Edition Ep151 – Positive Thinking Edition Ep150 – Skeptic Paternalism Edition Ep149 – Time TravelEdition Ep148 – Pseudo Censor Edition Ep147 – Rob Drops in Edition Ep131 – Ghost Intervention Edition Ep130 – Paradox Edition Ep129 – Tyson Talks Edition Ep128 – Welcome Lethbridge Edition Ep095 – Year End Consumerism Edition Best of shows RFT – Best of Religion Edition RFT – Best of Political History Edition RFT – Best of Skepticism Edition RFT – Best of Alternative Medicine Edition RFT – Best of Space Edition RFT – Best of Science Edition