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RFT Ep 252 – The GMO and You Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on May 10, 2014

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Prairie report – The price of dignity?


A special report from the Prairies on poverty – How kicking out a homeless man from a grocery store reflects on the deficiencies of our society.

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Non-English signs


Recent debate about a Chinese only sign in Richmond leads to thought about what multiculturalism ultimately means.

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Temporary foreign workers


A 40yr old program gone off the rails under Harper’s watch…how did it happen?

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Chernobyl at 28


28yrs later, life has not only survived at Chernobyl but is flourishing.

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After tens of thousands of years of modifying organisms, what does GMO mean now? And the most counter-intuitive argument for GMO labeling.

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RFT Ep 216 – Goodbye Gandolfini Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on June 25, 2013


This week:
– Gandolfini’s death,
– Dolphin Woo
– Anti-science lefties
– Museum fail
, and
– Is McCartney dead?

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Gandolfini’s death

sopranoWe take quick journey to discuss the life, work and global outpouring over the death of actor James Gandolfini. And how the Soprano’s lead the way for the Bad Guy to the hero in a TV drama.

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Dolphin Woo

dolphin_cartoonWe train our skeptical eye at Dolphin Assisted Treatment. DAT proponents that DAT is a new and exciting field of modern medicine that some people categorize as part of the Animal therapy. This field of medicine has shown extraordinary results of the therapy and breakthroughs in outcomes in relation to the conventional methods of treatments such as prescribed medication, human therapy and others.

It seems that the DAT claims are unfounded but there is real risks to both the patients as well as the Dolphins.

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Anti-science lefties

lftrLayoutTo keep left honest, Don take a look at some of the anti-science stories from the left.

We discuss anti-GMO bad science, the dogmatic anti-nuclear green award, the cost of holding to ideal green solutions, and more. It seems the rights premise for anti-science is the dogmatic support of big corporations while the left is their dogmatic disdain for these same corporation.

In the show Don mentioned that Coal (50% global production) kills 170,000 per trillawatts (a trillion watts). In context, in 2008 about 21,000 trillawatts were produced globally. This puts the death toll for coal alone at about 1.8 billion. Take that number as you will.

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Museum fail

images (4)In what we can only was a poor attempt by the Museum curator of the Manchester Museum to make headlines and promote both the museum and get people excited about Egyptology ..well said Campbell Price mused on his official museum blog that the ‘mysterious’ movements maybe 4,000 year old Egyptian spirits or gods.

We use this opportunity to give an example as to how to use Ocam’s razor to ‘possible’ explanations for ‘mysterious’ events.

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Is McCartney dead?

Life_magazine_nov_69Ethan takes a lighthearted look at the pre-internet ‘conspiracy theory’ that Paul McCartney actual died in a car accident in 1966 and was secretly replaced. We discover the interesting roots of a theory that started out as open satire is believed by 8% of Americans today.

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Skeptic Highlights

Anime Evolution

JUN 28-30, 2013

UBC Sub Ballroom

Tix $20-50

An event celebrating Japanese animation, manga, gaming, and every kind of related fandom. Activities include interactive panel discussions with industry guests, cultural demonstrations, 24-hour video rooms, cosplay contests, an AMV contest, charity auction, evening dances, and creative workshops.

Link: Anime Evolution

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