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RFT Ep 249 – Killing the CBC Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on April 18, 2014

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Whine of the Week  : Killing the CBC

corrigan april 12 2014

As ye sow, so shall ye reap…can also be stated, as ye fast, so shall ye whither, and whither the CBC has. Facing an $100 million budget short fall…thanks to Harper, losing hockey and other factors…the CBC is cutting staff by over 650.

Polling shows the CBC is the most trusted media source in the country, more three-quarters think the government should fund the CBC at a sufficient level…most of those think funding needs to increased.


The Harper government has regularly and consistently slashed the CBC grant budget after budget while spending  the entire CBC budget on a single F-35 jet…or overpriced frigates. What money they are giving, they think would be better spent by just giving it to private media companies…here’s how that would turn out…

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why are we not moving to a BBC style of funding…create a strong, stable and independent broadcaster, whose sole interest to provide the best of Canada.


Seriously the Unfair Elections Act is Important

Moudakis April 10 2014

How did Poilievre become Minister for Democratic Reform, how was the act craft and again…how it can destroy democracy in Canada – The Harper fix is in!


Find out more:


The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report


Climate Change…even more certainty and dire warnings, again – The IPCC released it latest report on the state of the worlds climate and we’re serious screwed!

Conclusions of the WG1 report (The Physical Science Basis) are summarized below:

  • “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia”.
  • “Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide have increased to levels unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years”.
  • Human influence on the climate system is clear. It is extremely likely (95-100% probability) that human influence was the dominant cause of global warming between 1951-2010.
  • “Continued emissions of greenhouse gases will cause further [global] warming and changes in all components of the climate system. Limiting climate change will require substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions”.
  • “Most aspects of climate change will persist for many centuries even if emissions of CO2 are stopped”

Conclusions of the WG3 report (Mitigation of Climate Change) are summarized below:

  • The global surface temperature increase by the end of the 21st century is likely to exceed 1.5 °C relative to the 1850 to 1900 period for most scenarios, and is likely to exceed 2.0 °C for many scenarios. With the possibility of an increase as much as 4.5°C
  • The global water cycle will change, with increases in disparity between wet and dry regions, as well as wet and dry seasons, with some regional exceptions.
  • The oceans will continue to warm, with heat extending to the deep ocean, affecting circulation patterns.
  • Decreases are very likely in Arctic sea ice cover, Northern Hemisphere spring snow cover, and global glacier volume
  • Global mean sea level will continue to rise at a rate very likely to exceed the rate of the past four decades
  • Changes in climate will cause an increase in the rate of CO2 production.
  • Increased uptake by the oceans will increase the acidification of the oceans.
  • Future surface temperatures will be largely determined by cumulative CO2, which means climate change will continue even if CO2 emissions are stopped.

Find out more:

Society Is Doomed


NASA funded study shows the not only do civilizations collapse, it happens regularly and is inevitable…but there is an upside.

Find out more:


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Radio Freethinker Episode 171 – Living Wage Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on June 19, 2012

This week:

– Chinese rockets,

– Neanderthal painters,

– The crime of atheism,

– Reproductive music,

– The poor and working poor (Part 2 of 2 interview with Iglika Ivanova)

Download the episode here!

Topics: China’s rockets

China launched a manned mission Shenzhou 9 to their orbiting space station Tiangong 1. We talk about the future of China’s space program.Find out more:

Neanderthal painters

Resent research pushed back the date of the earliest cave art to about 41,000 years old. The new twist is homo-sapiens were thought to be the only species to create cave art but humans were not suppose to have arrived in the region until 35,000 years ago. Some people are now speculating that Neanderthals may have been the artist.Find out more:

The crime of being an atheist

An atheist in Indonesia has been sentence to 10 years on jail for professing his atheism. A Kuwaiti man faces 10 years of hard labour in prison and feel lucky he avoided a potential death sentence for blasphemy. We discuss the criminalization of atheist around the world, the need to be vigilant and globally supportive. Find out more:

Reproductive music Research has shown the obvious that sex sells but how it manifest itself in different genre of music and the dubious link to evolutionary advantage make it an interesting topic for the show. Find out more:

The poor and working poor

Don’s sits down with Iglika Ivanova in the Radio Free Thinker virtual studio and discusses poverty and Living wage. Iglika Ivanova is a research economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives for BC. Find out more:

Skeptical Highlights:

Walk for Peace

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Walk for Peace march. In 1982, 35,000 people marched from Kitsilano to the West End calling for world peace. By 1984, the march had grown to 100,000 people. Keeping with the Humanist commitment to global peace, BC Humanist Association invites you to join them in the walk to help raise their banner and the humanist commitment to peace, respect and a civil society

When: Saturday, June 30 at Noon Where: Sunset Beach or meet up at the Sunset Grill around 11:50 am Cost: Free

Humanist Brunch for Peace?

The BC Humanist Association doesn’t want to you walk on empty stomachs, so before the march, they are planning to meet at the Sunset Grill for brunch at 10:00 am. Afterward, they will join the march which departs at noon and wraps up at 2pm at Sunset Beach for entertainment, music, and celebration.

Please RSVP if you plan to join them for brunch (so they can confirm our reservation) RSVPs close on Wednesday, June 27th.

When: Saturday, June 30 at 10:00 am Where: Sunset Grill (Yew and York Street) Cost: Whatever you order off the menu

Aan’s Legal Defence Fund

Atheist Alliance International has launched an appeal for donations to help pay for Aan’s legal costs and to support the Aan family’s living expenses while he is in jail.

CFI Transnational wants to make the voices of those who support Alexander loud and clear to the Indonesian government. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is organizing a letter-writing campaign on Alexander’s behalf, and CFI urges you to take part. They have created a custom letter which you can sign or add to and add your voice to those fighting for Aan’s freedom.

Please support Atheist around the world in their struggle against persecution by donating here.

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Double standards of terrorism – Part 4

Posted by Don McLenaghen on August 8, 2011

The regionalization of the term Terrorist

Some things we may learn from how the press and the security agencies react to terrorism.
First, it was almost comical in the rush to blame Muslims for the attack. Many a news organisation rush out the news that a Muslim extremist had attacked Norway. This is interesting in two ways: first the fact it was a ‘terrorist attack’ when everyone though it was done by a ‘brown person’ but quickly the rhetoric changed to ‘lone wolf’ or ‘crazy person’ then it was discovered the act was perpetrated by a ‘indigenous Norwegian’…the term terrorist did not seem to be appropriate for a blond haired local.

So, who qualifies as a terrorist seems to be dependent on religion or nationality. That is if a ‘brown person’ tries (and fails) to blow up a plane with explosive underwear… we have a terrorist; when a ‘white person’ assassinates a doctor in church…we have a crazy lone wolf, a disturbed individual.  If you take a look at the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list, you see that EVERY terrorist on the list is a Muslim…its only if you look at the page longer you see in small print the category ‘domestic terrorist’, which seem to be exclusively environmentalist, blacks or communist. One should note that the almost all the ‘most wanted terrorist’ list are for crimes committed outside the USA…typically the FBI has jurisdiction within USA territory with the CIA dealing with attacks on US interests outside the USA.

It’s interesting in a second sense that the vast majority of terrorist attacks in Europe or the USA are not Muslims at all…in fact they account for a surprisingly small number. Worldwide their numbers grow but this is largely due to the fact that of the ‘big wars’ being waged – Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan – are Muslim countries and like any civil war, the locals are trying to outdo themselves in killing each other. Each day, about 150,000 die, of them about 23,000 are murdered…of them fewer than 50 are the result of Islamist militants and that number drops to 10 when you exclude the hotspots of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

If you look at popular “know it all” Wikipedia you may be lulled into thinking that the only terrorist attacks (at least in Europe or the USA) are by Muslims yet a little more research reveals that a large number (I would argue the vast majority) of terror attacks are not listed. I checked out ETA, a Basque separatist group in Spain. According to Wiki’s terror attacks of 2003, there were NO terrorist attacks in Spain, yet the number of attacks listed in the ETA page was 20 – yes, ETA is on the international list of terrorist organization.

Where has our journey taken us? Thanks to (or in spite of) our Norwegian terrorist, we have had the opportunity to investigate what Terrorism has come to mean in our society. Through the trauma of fear and pain we have allowed our culture to transform a word to describe an act of violence into a dehumanizing term of racism. The extreme right has latched on to the ‘struggle of civilization’…has concocted this ‘epic’ struggle in a (sadly successful) attempt to distract us from the true ills in our society. They have created the ‘OTHER’ that we must all sacrifice everything to defeat.

We have been blinded by the ‘rhetoric’ of terrorism so as to not see the inequality that has grown exponentially in our countries…not see the reciprocal violence hatred breeds when we adhere to the standard of an ‘eye for an eye’…not see that western imperialist (be it colonial or economic) have created much suffering in the world; suffering that has in its own turn led the traumatized to see terrorism as the only option at hand.

We are led by the racist and the xenophobic, by the profiteers and exploiters, and by the manipulative politicians and elites…we are being led not to preservation of our culture but the extinction of it.

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