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Radio Freethinker Episode 211 – Election Autopsy Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on May 21, 2013


This week:
–  A salute to Chris Hadfield,
– Post-Election Autopsy,

– Senate Shenanigans
, and
– Imagine No Religion 3

Download the episode here!


A salute to Chris Hadfield

Canada’s own Chris Hadfield returned to Earth after being the first Canadian to command the International Space Station. While up there he became an international international sensation for his great efforts to popularize science, communicate with students and celebrities (including Captain Kirk aka Canadian William Shatner) via Twitter and live remote-talks, performing student inspired experiments and just generally being the best PR person NASA has had…maybe ever.

Find out more:

Post-Election Autopsy

public_opinion_pollsA look at the past election and how the pollsters and pundits could get it so wrong. We look at polling and the role polls play in elections

Senate Shenanigans

DEA3828sq-1024x1024In the light of the current flood of senate scandals, we ask and answer the question – can you fire a senator?

Find out more:

Imagine No Religion 3

4319477674-2What are the issues and what do the two main parties have to say about them? We cover Education, the Economy, Healthcare and the Environment.
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Skeptic Highlights

How Physics Works – a History of the Development of Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is at the root of essentially all aspects of contemporary life. It contains many non-intuitive features, but these are exploited in, for example, all microchip electronic devices.

Dr. Malcolm Longair will explain at a non-technical level the struggles made by experimenters and theorists to develop a fully self-consistent quantum physics. It turns out to provide a splendid example of how physics works in practice, based on the genius of experiment and theory.

When: Monday 27, 4 PM

Where: Hebb Theatre, UBC main campus

Cost: Free

CFI Public Forum Meeting 

We get together for drinks and dinner and then discuss strategies and goals that CFI Vancouver can pursue. With the recent INR3 conference, we’ll be discussing some of the ideas and suggestions we got there.

When: Wednesday May 22nd at 7pm
Where: the Tipper Resturant, 2066 Kingsway, Vancouver
Cost: Donations Welcome
Link: Event Link Here

Life, Liberty and the Right to Die

CFI Vancouver presents a lecture by Rebecca Coad

Rebecca Coad obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and a Juris Doctorate from the University of British Columbia. She was first introduced to the legal issues surrounding choice in death as an intern for the BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) in 2011

The focus of the discussion will be on the legal arguments made both in favour and in opposition to legalizing a limited form of assisted dying. And an examination of the decision by Justice Lynn Smith of the BC Supreme Court.

When: Thursday, May 31st at 7pm
Where: Room 1700, SFU Harbour Centrer
Cost: Donations Welcome
LinkEvent Link Here


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